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Prescription Sunglasses

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Prescription Sunglasses

We have been making wrap around prescription sunglasses & Rx sunglasses since 1999! Our customers have been 

coming back to us for years. We have been in the forefront of 8 base wrapped prescription technology. Don't just take our word for it read what our customers are saying -- testimonial page.

No matter your vision correction; we can handle it with impeccable precision. YES, even in prescription sunglasses, with some limitations depending on the wrap and severity of your prescription.

Our advanced technology in lens cutting blows away traditional lens-making techniques used by most lens labs. In our sunglasses shop, you can find a wide array of remarkably attractive sunglasses. We promise to give you optimal and non-distorted vision throughout the lens of our sunglasses prescription inserts, without burning a hole in your pockets.

For ensuring absolutely perfect visual acuity, all lenses we offer are of the highest quality. While most other lens making processes will only give you clarity in the optical center of the lens; using select digital surfacing leaves no margin for error while ensuring precise vision in the majority of the lenses.

We even have prescription goggle inserts for all major brands. You can get Rx sunglasses in almost any frame when we use 5 axis CNC edging on your lenses. For the greatest peripheral vision, select digital surfacing from Shamir selecting lenses.

All of our eyeglasses, goggles and sunglasses for sale can be delivered, where you need them. If you need a prescription glass, all you need to do is select a frame and provide your Rx. USPS or UPS will be deliver them to your doorstep in as little as 7-10 business days.

You have been told that it can't be done, but now you can get your wrap sunglasses in your Rx in practically any style available! You now can get best quality sports eyewear at about half the price of the high-end optical and chain stores at our sunglasses shop.

You will find a large selection of sunglasses for sale with name brand Sport sunglasses and prescription goggles. The precise lens cutting process ensures perfect vision along with a sleek and snug fit with the proper curve--at a fair price! Check out what we are doing with digital prescription lenses for the best optics available.

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