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Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses features the outstanding qualities of the Polarized technology. The sport of Fishing demands the presence and association of water to this challenging sport. Water is one of the most highly reflective surfaces a fisherman sunglasses' lens needs to filter and process to enable the eyes the comfort and convenience as it retains vision acuity. The heavyglare emitted by water as seen through a sunglass lens can cause damage to the eyes. Looking through highly reflective surfaces like water can make you squint, a natural defense of the eyes from being strained and fatigued. But unnecessary squinting can affect perfect vision and clarity making one lose focus, experience eye stress and fatigue easily affecting performance of your activity like fishing and other water sports activities. An ideal Polarized Fishing Sunglasses has the following essential features:

  • Polarized lens technology with superior filtering glare performance to provide vision comfort and avoid eye fatigue.
  • Photochromic lens technology of a fisherman's sunglasses is needed to discern and provide excellent color and image definition. The photochromic transition shall instantly adapt to light phasing and changing events.
  • 100% ultraviolet rays blockage made equally damaging due to the water’s highly reflective behavior.
  • And because the air water is highly reflective and carrier of the sun’s heat and glare, the lens area must have excellent air engineering ventilation to keep and provide moisture retention to refresh the eyes every moment. The lens air shield mechanism of fisherman sunglasses should function as well to prevent irritating debris and other air and water driven pollutants.
  • Floating Eyewear retention will manage the eyewear’s security in case of accidental fall off from the face or head.

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