1. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sitewide Sale

    Do you need new eyewear or have someone on your holiday shopping list who does? Now’s the time to take advantage of Heavyglare’s always great products and services with additional Black Friday/ Cyber Monday discounts!

    Complete Eyewear Solutions

    Heavyglare is on a mission to bring style and comfort to our customers all year round. We carry the freshest styles and hottest brands at the best price. With the added benefit of your prescription in any frame, you can save money while flaunting your personal style. Simply pick your frames of choice and send us your prescription for your complete eyewear solution. Or, send us

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  2. 4 Tips When Buying Prescription Sunglasses Online

    Pair of Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses.

    Have an Up-to-Date Prescription

    If you are planning on buying a pair of prescription sunglasses online, you’ll want to ensure that your prescription is actually up-to-date. It may vary, but generally, prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses will expire after one year — and you must visit an eye doctor in person to get an accurate prescription. Ensure that your prescription includes everything you need to place your online order, including your pupillary distance.

    7eye brand prescription work sunglasses.

    Know the Frame Shape You Want

    Buying anything online can be risky since you won’t be ab

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  3. The Benefits of Mirrored Lenses

    The Benefits of Mirrored Lenses

    Are mirrored sunglasses worth it?

    Get Exceptional Eyewear Delivered to You

    Sunglasses with mirrored lenses or a mirrored coating come with many benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits of mirrored sunglasses lenses. Shop Heavyglare’s extensive collection of sunglasses online today!

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  4. 4 Things to Look for When Buying Baseball Sunglasses

    boy blaying baseball

    4 Things to Look for When Buying Baseball Sunglasses

    How to order the proper sports sunglasses online

    Order Sports Eyewear Solutions To Fit Your Game

    When playing baseball, make sure that you are wearing some good sunglasses to prevent yourself from squinting and not being able to see. But when picking out a pair of sunglasses to play sports in specifically, it’s important to consider eye protection as a factor along with comfort, fit, and style. At Heavyglare, we have the perfect sunglasses for every kind of baseball player. Shop our selection online now!

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  5. When Do You Need an AR Coating on Sunglasses?

    When Do You Need an AR Coating on Sunglasses?

    Are sunglasses with an anti-reflective coating worth the investment?

    Get Exceptional Eyewear Delivered To You

    Sunglasses are meant to be worn outside when the sun is bright — but what happens more often than not is seeing unwanted reflections in your lenses. Luckily, coatings have been developed to prevent this. Anti-reflective coating, or AR coating, prevents light from bouncing off your lenses. In today’s post, we’ll detail when it makes sense to invest in sunglasses with an AR coating. Keep reading to learn more and order a pair of AR-coated sunglasses online at Heavyglare!

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  6. 4 Best Lens Colors for Bright Days

    4 Best Lens Colors for Bright Days

    Get the Best Prescription Sunglasses from Heavyglare—Complete Eyewear Solutions

    Order Premium Quality Lenses Today

    Ever wonder if there are certain colored sunglasses lenses that will actually help you see better on bright days? Well, there are — and Heavyglare is here to help guide you toward the perfect pair. Keep reading today’s post to learn more!

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  7. 3 Tips for Choosing Prescription Sunglasses

    In the market for some prescription sunglasses? Here are Heavyglare shop’s top three tips for picking out the perfect pair. Wiley brand prescription sunglasses

    Shop Prescription Sunglasses If you wear glasses,

    You probably know the struggle that is trying to see while outside — do you wear your glasses and squint or a pair of sunglasses and not see clearly? Well, you may or may not know, but prescription sunglasses are another, more convenient option. If you’re finally ready to take a step in that direction, keep reading to learn our top three tips for picking out the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses.

    Rudy Project brand prescription sunglasses

    Tip 1: Frame Style

    While absolutely a pre

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  8. Which are the best sports sunglasses?

    According to sports vision specialists, wearing sports  prescription sunglasses enhances performance in any sport or physical activity, keeps eyes safe and gives sharp vision. Whether you are a cyclist, biker, hiker, swimmer, golfer or any other sports player, there are different types of protective goggles or sports sunglasses available. This particular type of eyewear features specialized lenses that vary depending on the kind of sport or activity. Like, for badminton, the lenses are either Trivex or made with polycarbonate. For bicycling, there are anti-fog and anti-scratch coated lenses, for golf, polarized lenses and so on.

    4 Health

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  9. Continue Your Passion For Sports

    There’s no doubt that sports fuel a number of people on the globe to become stronger, run faster, and be more flexible. Not only is it about having fun, but it also makes you feel more alive and fit. If you have a gifted 20/20 vision, you wouldn’t probably know how difficult it can get for people with vision problems to perform in a game. They cannot be wearing their eyeglasses from fear that they could break. While it may seem like a closed door of opportunities for them, there is still hope. And that ray of hope is prescription sports glasses for sale.

    No studies are required to understand the simple fact that having vision problems will brutally affect your performance in sports. Let’s just take the simple examp

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  10. Prescription Sunglasses - Solution For Those Who Wear Contact Lenses

    People with vision issues often have to compromise on their favorite outdoor activities. Even those who wear contact lenses have to battle with the side-effects of sand, sun, and wind to avoid messy infections and eye-related issues. There is no denying that micro-organisms present in swimming water and airborne pathogens can cause complications for those who wear contact lenses. But fortunately, there are elegant solutions where people can enjoy a high-quality vision without compromising on their looks. If you are tired of staying back whenever your friends plan a beach trip or organize a pool party, it is the right time to switch to prescription sunglasses.

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