computer glasses

  1. Basics About Blue Light

    "Blue light" is a common phrase, but do you know what it actually is? This article will provide you with basic knowledge about blue light and blue light eye damage and aboutthe possible consequences of prolonged exposure to it. It's important knowledge - especially as it helps keep your vision healthy. blue light illustration Visible light is a form of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. They are used for various purposes in our lives including radio waves, infrared radiations, UV rays, X-rays, and microwaves. Typically, visible light is defined as wavelengths that are visible to the human eyes. Visible light is usually divided into the colors of the rainbow and its many varying tints and shades. Research shows, darker colors blue and violet rays may be harmful to humans

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  2. Into The Deep Blue Hazard

    A modern coffee shop without two or more people staring and scrolling at a screen (whether its a smartphone or a laptop) can be hard to find these days. Its true that these devices have made lives easier and more entertaining, but too much, even of a good thing, can be dangerous in the long run especially when these devices emit high-energy visible light or blue light. Gunnar optiks have the perfect solution for this problem. People who spend more than eight hours each day staring at a computer screen, such as office workers and gaming enthusiasts, are more exposed to blue-light hazard that can result in long-term retinal injury. Good news. this can be prevented by wearing protective prescription eyeglasses from a trusted brand such as Gunnar Optiks.

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