7eye by Panoptx

7Eye by Panoptx Eyewear

was founded in 1999 by Dr Rudolf Kopfer. The brand name ‘7 Eye’ represents the 7 visible spectral lights or colors naturally detectable by the human eye. The colors of the rainbow represented in the acronym ROYGVIB, the prism. A kaleidoscope of the hues on the rainbow. 7 Eye by Panoptx also represents a kaleidoscope of proven technologies that every individual would surely find a fit.

7eye by Panoptx

7eye by Panoptx

Technological innovation and solutions such as the AirShield technology which aid in protecting and blocking away eye irritants and other elements that may pose harm to the eyes.

The AirDam technology offers manageability of air flow circulation and moisture retention needed by the eyes for better vision clarity and eye health.

The Photochromic lens technology protects the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and automatically adapt eye visibility on extreme lighting conditions without impairing damage to the eyes.The sunglass lens darkens effectively to defy and protect the eyes against bright lights, such as the damaging bright lights condition of the sun and likewise adjust eye visibility on dim and obscured lighting conditions and surroundings.

The 7 Eye protective eyewear is fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Other features  include the replaceable orbital seal eyecups; which is the ultimate seal protection factor (SPF) product innovation for superior protection of the eye against the wind, dust, debris, pollutants and other known eye irritants. These glasses have the ability to work  just like a goggle does. It also aid the eyes in retaining the needed moisture and help prevent the dry eye syndrome. An eye condition due to the limited or lack of needed moisture by the eyes making it dry and irritated. The non air-permeable vents on the orbital seal eyecups and on the frame manages the air flow in and around the eye area. The presence of hot and cold air in an eyewear produces moisture and fog. These are natural conditions that are happening around the eyes. and to prevent such conditions, they equipped with an anti-fog inner lens with breathable thermo gasket which aid in eliminate the fogging and keeping the lens visibly clear and highly functional to perform vision clarity and precision.

7 Eye is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of eyewear products that offers technologically enhanced protective sunglasses for every individual who live an active lifestyle; offers eyewear innovations and solutions that cater to the changing preferences and diverse need of every individual.