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AO Eyewear

AO Eyewear

- One of the most distinguished makers of eyewear in history is the American Optical (AO) Eyewear. Worn by distinguished individuals over historic events. Heritage and legacy comes in every pair of AO Eyewear. The legacy of producing million pairs of quality and effectively beneficial eyewear that has been proven ever since its founder, William Beecher produced the first pair of optical eyeglasses back in 1833. Since then AO optical glasses has been worn by distinguished individuals over historic events. It was the very first flight-gear performance sunglasses tested by the US Air Force back in 1930 and was the highly supplied eyeglasses used by the US troops during both World War I and World War II. AO Pilot Sunglasses were used by US military servicemen and people for over 100 years. The company was honored when Neil Armstrong wore a pair of AO pilot sunglasses when he landed the first time in moon back in 1969. That historic pair of AO sunglasses was now on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington.

The AO Eyeglasses lenses were made from high quality gradient polycarbonate materials. The AO Eyeglasses were the very first to ever perfected the UV protection sunglasses in 1913 and was the very first to offer polarized sunglasses in 1940. Polarized sunglasses are proven technology initiated by AO Eyewear in their lenses in order to reduce glare on highly reflective surfaces such as water and snow. The AO Eyeglasses were offered in both polarized and non-polarized lenses. The lenses are custom made to suit progressive multi focal lenses. The hug fit frames suits most regular facial sizes. The stylish designs of the AO pilot sunglasses have graced the pages of the widely circulated fashion magazine Vogue over the years. The brand AO has been trusted and tested by millions of eyeglass users all over the world.

Every AO eyewear has been designed and made to withstand the test of time. And although the AO Eyewear products were worn by distinguished people in history. The AO Eyewear Company remains true to its mission of producing eyewear products and providing high quality eyewear for people who deserves quality and comfort as they perform their regular activities in an all-weather condition. Whether you wanted an old-pair of old school eyeglasses, a high performance pair or one with the stylish and hip design, there’s a pair of AO prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses made to suit your taste and needs.

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