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Birdz Eyewear

products focus mainly on the benefits of its eyewear and the wearing public. All the Birdz Eyewear products, including anti-fog glasses and padded sunglasses, are in compliance and have passed the rigid quality control, tests and inspections to measure up with the updated safety and quality standards required by the American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection (ANSI Z87.1). ANSI Z87.1calls for the laboratory test be made to the eyewear product manufacturers to ensure quality, safety, correct lens precision and standard material dimensions to benefit all eyewear users regardless of age and gender and stature. All Birdz Eyewear are guaranteed safe, standard and quality eyewear. And to help you decide on which eyewear to choose? The Birdz Eyewear has the following product features:


Detachable and interchangeable lenses - Users can pop out the lenses and change to suit according to the weather or lighting condition. This functionality helps users adjust for better vision quality on changing light condition.

Mirrored lenses - Mirrored lenses improves and enhanced blockage of heavy light and glare.
Polarized lenses – for better vision clarity and color precision.
Photocromic – for color spectrum definition.
Fog-proof coated lenses – avoid accumulation of fog on the lens (anti-fog glasses).
Shatter/Shock-proof lenses - lenses are able to resist high impact activities without dislodging from the frame.
Swap-enabled temples - detachable and replaceable temples for easy matching and convenience of use.
Padded frames - This padded sunglasses functionality enables better airflow circulation and avoid fog formation. Also aid in blocking away eye irritants for high wind activities and sports.
Double-sided polycarbonate lenses - For effective UV light interference.
Dual injected glasses – improves visual and optical distortion.

The rigid quality and standard manufacturing and technology enhancements makes the Birdz Eyewear simply superior from other eyewear and its close competitors in the market. This was their prime commitment to the users of their eyewear products. Adding up to the quality of the Birdz Eyewear products are new technologies they continue to develop to make the eyewear competitive, fashionable and functional. Fashion your eyewear as you match it against your outfit, the occasion or just simply how you want to express yourself. The exceptional quality, function and designs of the Birdz Eyewear--padded sunglasses and the anti-fog glasses--stands out from the rest of the other competitive eyewear in the market. If you want to make a difference, the Birdz Eyewear is the product you are simply going to love to wear and match with your personality.

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