Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle Sunglasses
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All The Bollé Sunglasses are available with either the B-clear lenses that provides crystal clear and sharp visual functionality at all times or the B-20.3 polarized polycarbonate lenses that effectively eliminate intense glare and adjust vision contrast for maximum eye comfort and better perspective.

The ultra-lightweight Trivex® lens material of the Bolle Glasses provides technologically enhanced clear vision functionality that enable hand and eye coordination necessary for motoring activities. It also improves one’s ability and alertness to see what's coming all around so one won’t be left behind. These are standard motor skills necessary to be achieved especially during road motoring activities. The Bolle Sunglasses also features the following lens technology to their signature eyewear designs:

Competivision for lawn sports enthusiasts like tennis, badminton and squash. The lenses of the Bolle Sunglasses are designed to neutralize every color in the spectrum except optic yellow, making the tennis ball distinct for better focus and quick reaction.

Photo v3 golf- for golf enthusiasts enhancing the photocromic lens of the Bolle Sunglasses with the attributes of being relatively lightweight yet the lens are superiority precise to capture the details and span of the surrounding, a valuable function of an eyewear needed in a golf lens. Added functionality are the Bolle Sunglasses hydrophobic coating outside and oleophobic coating inside keeping the lens moisture free and fog free all throughout your activity.

Marine Sunglasses- The Bolle Sunglasses’ modulated and comfortable lenses are perfect for water fun activities. With its functionality of adapting to the condition of the changing light environment, this functionality of the Bolle Sunglasses are ideal for people who love the ocean, lake and other water-indulging sports activities.

The Bolle Glasses advanced technologies have made it a worthy eyewear for every individual who loves the outdoors and the environment. And in line with offering their valued wearers with high performance and functional eyewear, the manufacturer of Bolle Sunglasses offered a lifetime warranty for all Bolle Sunglasses products so your original receipt should be kept for future reference. Another worthy cause that Bolle wanted to achieve is keeping in touch with the Folds of Honour Foundation. The foundation is helping out scholars and families of those US Military servicemen that were disabled or killed in line of service. Every photo of V3 golf Bolle Sunglasses sold the company will make a corresponding donation to the foundation.

Bolle Sunglasses

introduced the use of the lightweight B-clear lenses that provides unparalleled crystal clear and sharp visual functionality. Loaded with the latest Bolle high performance lens technology. The Bolle Glasses lens are coated inside with the Bolle Oleophobic technology, an anti-fog coating that repels moisture and fog build up on the lens. The exterior lens are highly coated with Bolle hydrophobic treatment that eliminate and bead off liquid elements like water and rain keeping the lens clear with liquid marks and smudges enabling wearer to enjoy unlimited clear and accurate vision: perfect marine sunglasses