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Callaway Sunglasses and Callaway Eyeglasses

Callaway Sunglasses

was made by the world famous Callaway Golf Company makers of of the world famous Callaway golf equipment and accessories. One of the world’s largest movers in the US economy, Callaway is almost synonymous to the sports golf having been the prime manufacturer of golf accessories and equipment that has become the favorite of golf enthusiasts worldwide since its founding in the year 1982. Callaway has since been the brand dominating the market with superior and excellent sports accessories including wearable eyewear like the Callaway Sunglasses which perfectly match the modern sports of golf. The company’s dedication to upgrade its products with the latest prime materials and technology, Callaway Sunglasses has evolved to suit the need of its wearers and spearheaded in adapting advanced technology in every Callaway Sunglasses.


Callaway’s NEOX Transitional lens technology involves Callaway lenses to minimized the depth of ordinary sunglasses and transpose it to a spatial and widest all angle view resulting to a more accurate and enhanced distance vision functionality with precise and highly definitive lighting adjustment so one can achieve realistic and correct visibility with no distortion nor angle obstruction in any lighting condition than with any other pair of prescription sunglasses available. NEOX lenses by Callaway are accurate in blocking away harmful ultraviolet radiation. The unmatched Callaway Photochromic technology offers pleasurable comfort as every color was captured by the lenses in a more scintillating yet soothing way. The Callaway Sunglasses comes with a sturdy and durable case that is equipped with a compression molded foam in soft tricot lining that will free the lenses from scratches and unwanted etchings and help protect your sunglasses from accidental crushing and falling as well as letting the sunglasses stay in place. Adding to the safety of the case is the zip around closure that keeps the eyewear secure with external swivel hook that you can attach to the golf bag or briefcase. The lightweight ergonomically designed high performance frame of the Callaway Sunglasses are designed for extreme durability and long lasting performance.

The unmatched design and style of the Callaway Sunglasses comes in three lightweight rim lens models: rimless, 3 quarter rimless and the full rimmed sunglasses. The Callaway Sunglasses is a must-have eyewear for people who loves golf and loves to look on a more perspective angle. The comfort, the extraordinary yet functional designs of the Callaway Sunglasses makes it a great eyewear on and off the green and serene golf course.

Sunglasses users know that ordinary sunglasses may be useful in some instances but for golf enthusiasts and users who need a high performing and quality eyewear with perfect vision clarity, the Callaway Sunglasses is an eyewear that goes beyond compare. The Callaway Sunglasses is simply the eyewear anyone will ever need whether on or off the greens of a golf course.

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