Carrera Goggles

Carrera Goggles
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The OTG Zero Lens Technology effectively resist strong air surges and impact movement or turbulence keeping the goggle fog free as it maintains visual clearance and eyesight precision. The Seal Ring System maintains the steady spacing needed in order to avoid optical distortion and imperfections. It also help in eliminating delamination which is the prime cause of lens fogging. All over the goggles are unique active and static vents that allows managed flow of air and temperature, a superior Ventilation System feature of the Carrera Goggles. Air management involves inflow of fresh and new air and air outflow involves the thermal air produced inside the goggles pushed out of the goggle. The significant results aside from eye protection: zero fog, breathing comfort and excellent vision clarity, precision and perfection.Another very important feature of the Carrera Goggles is its being a GPS enabled eyewear. The GPS in the Carrera Goggle are suited best during heavily glared days or when the surroundings are under heavily lighted condition. The GPS lens tint of the Carrera Goggles automatically adapts and alleviate the tint to effect a contrast perfectly fit for the surrounding enabling greater perception acuity and precision viewing. The Polarization on the lens of the Carrera Goggles provides and protect the eyes from heavy glare, intense light and other harmful effect on the eyes.

Aside from the trusted name it carries, the Carrera Goggles was fully loaded with functions and features that add up to the value of this versatile eyewear. A product notably worthy for protection, comfort and vision clarity on any kind of surroundings, terrain and lighting condition.

Carrera Goggles are one of the world’s most trusted brand in snow goggles. The dynamic anallergic thermoformed velvet foam ensures constant dryness and perfect fit. The foam specifically fit the contours of the face and hug it in perfect fit. And what’s best is that Carrera Goggles thermoformed velvet foam is hypoallergenic and anallergic to human skin leaving you comfortable and more focus as you ski and end enjoying your favorite winter sports. The Goggle Band Easy Clip of the Carrera Goggles provides a quick clip process unto a beanie cap, helmet hair pony-tails or optical eyewear frame. The AOCS adjustable outrigger comfort system features the unique technology of connecting system of the Carrera Goggles against the helmet. The synchronized interlocking system secures protection as it hold and fit the goggle into your face.