Clic Goggles

Clic Goggles was part of the Clic Eyewear Company who introduced the unique front connecting eyewear developed by Clic CEO Ron Lando in the year 2000. Clic Goggle’s unique features was further enhanced by the unique designs which Ron Lando revolutionized through constant concept innovation and feature explorations.

Clic Goggles

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Clic Goggle’s front connection functionality has become the BEST product innovation since its introduction. Famous celebrities who wear Clic Goggles were professional ice hockey player David Andreychuk, American country music singers Ty Herndon, Rodney Atkins, Katrina Elam, Josh Gracin, Jack Ingram, Blaine Larsen, Ashley Monroe and American TV host Mario Lopez. Clic Goggles and the rest of the Clic Eyewear collection was featured in Time. Ski, Small Business Fortune and other prime magazines. Clic and Lando’s success story was profiled in Oprah’s show and ESPN sports channel. Clic Goggles and the rest of the Clic Eyewear have won the distinguished Vision Choice Award on two consecutive times at the International Vision Expo for best new product. Time magazine has dubbed Clic’s front connection technology, ‘The best eyewear innovation since glasses were invented.’

The Clic Goggles lens are made with optical high grade hard polycarbonate which are shaped thinly to meet its standard lightness but sturdy and strong to resist impact and breakage with scratch resistant coating for protection against abrasions and markings that could reduce or affect vision clarity. And because of its lightness, the Clic Goggles FLOAT on waters. The unique one piece designed molded frame band of the Clic Goggles can be worn loose around the neck and will instantly connect through the high powered neodymium magnetized lens connector which has been tested to stay connected even at 130 mph. They can be hung comfortably around the neck without breaking or dismantled and are strong and sturdy to bend or flex. And because they hang around your neck, there is no way it will fall off and break. If not in use it can be laid on the band and not on the lenses. Clic Goggles are designed to accommodate prescription lens requirement. The 100% UVA / UVB protected lens are also double anti-fog coated to ensure clear visibility and detail clarity.

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