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Cocoons Flip ups

Cocoons Flip-Ups

are specialty polarized sunglasses manufactured and distributed by Live Eyewear the world’s leader in making excellent optical OveRx® eyewear. Technologically designed eyewear, Cocoons Flip-Ups’ unique flip up functions are designed for convenience and instant protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays and highly reflective surface glare. Ideal for use by people who love water sports, snow, driving and other outdoor activities. Cocoons Flip-Ups were the choice eyewear of fishing and sailing enthusiasts like bass master and professional angler Ish Monroe who love looking at the vast glaring surface of the ocean on his Cocoons Flip-Ups as he sail around and compete on sailing competition and tournaments.

Flip ‘em up when you go indoors and flip them down as you go out and protect your eyes from the glaring and blinding sunlight and glare of highly reflective surfaces around. The scratch resistant Cocoons Flip-Ups Polaré® Polarized lens system delivers optical vision excellence providing extreme comfort and convenience. The Cocoons Polaré® Polarized lens are made from optical grade ,correct and highly versatile CR-39® polycarbonate Polar TX lenses which are durable, scratch free and with visual acuity exceeding beyond the standards yet highly comfortable and convenient. The Cocoons Flip-Ups Polaré® Polarized lens disables the horizontal light from passing into your eyes allowing your eyes comfort and free from strain and fatigue. The Cocoons Flip-Up’s unique FreeFlow TM Universal Clamp Mounting System uses stainless steel spring bridge clip that can be attached easily to your existing eyewear like your prescription glasses and instantly experience the amazing Cocoons Flip-Ups Polare’ Lens System which was the highest level of lens quality exceeding beyond the standards in terms of optical clarity and precision performance. The Cocoons Flip-Ups Monel frame are 100% corrosion resistant and fit most popular eyewear styles and models available in the eyewear market. Monel is the same material used in aircraft and rocket ships ensuring absolute durability and performance. The Cocoons Flip-Ups effectively block and filters UVA and UVB ultraviolet light rays. All Cocoons carry a limited lifetime warranty. Each pair of Cocoons Flip-Ups carry the Live Eyewear limited lifetime warranty.

Check out the amazing technology of Cocoons Flip-Ups here at heavyglare.com. Chat with our friendly eyewear specialists online and avail of great value deals when you buy your pair of Cocoons Flip-Ups with us.

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