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Cocoons Low Vision

Cocoons Low Vision 

are technologically designed eyewear best for individuals with vision impairment or eye conditions such as light sensitivity. Some people are highly sensitive to light that is why some individuals just cannot buy or wear a pair of over the counter sunglasses that ordinary individuals can wear.

Cocoons Low Vision Sizing Guide

Cocoons Low Vision Sizing Guide

The lens of the Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses have special absorbent features developed by Live Eyewear eye care specialists that addresses and best suit individuals with particular eye conditions. Cocoons Low Vision was developed to answer requests and care for individuals who suffer from conditions of the eye requiring extreme proper care and protection. Individuals who wish to wear the Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses are advised to consult an eye care professional or physician to ensure the desired effect and performance.

The Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses’ patented frame design are made with high quality ballistic nylon materials that are guaranteed to withstand breakage and impact beyond any standard eyewear thus achieving comfort and durability .  See how Jay from Live Eyewear test the durability of the Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses by clicking the video link HERE. The Cocoons Low Vision Sunglassesfilters 100 % allUVA and UVB ultraviolet light rays. The Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses frame designsfit most popular eyewear styles and models available in the eyewear market.

Ordinary sunglasses only limit lens vision performance on the front.  The Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses are designed with a 360° angled wrap lens providing the widest and excellent vision span coverage. One can see amazing vision clarity and the most detailed image precision. Each pair of Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses bears the OveRx® emblem logo and carry the Live Eyewearlimited lifetime warranty. Accessories include the original carry on case, cleaning cloth and Users Care Guide.

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