Cocoons SideKick

Cocoons Sidekick

features the unique Cocoons technology of its 360° angled wrap lens, one can experience the widest excellent vision span coverage.

Cocoons SideKick

Cocoons SideKick

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The highest level of lens technology in any available eyewear in the market today. With the unique Polare’ Lens System for which the lens are technologically enhanced to disable the horizontal light from passing into your eyes thus allowing comfort for the eyes and free from strain and fatigue. It provides optimum comfort on various light transmission conditions. The lens darkens when UV rays are heavily detected as it eliminate the blinding glare and gradually tone down upon sensing reduction of light and continue to maintain vision clarity. The Cocoons Sidekick Polare’ Lens System is effective in cutting down the heavy glare of intensely reflective surfaces like water, snow, the glistening reflections of mirrors, car hoods and even the road under heavy floods of sunlight. These intense haze and glare can affect your vision and may cause accidents. Ideal and fit for people who love the beach, the ocean, the snowy terrains and the great outdoors. Ordinary sunglasses limit vision performance only in the front lens. With the Cocoons Sidekick Sunglasses’ 360° angled wrap lens, one can experience the widest excellent vision span coverage. One can see amazing vision clarity and the most detailed image precision. Vivid images come to life in the most amazing hues.

The patented frame of Cocoons Sidekick are made from high grade and durable ballistic nylon materials that are guaranteed resilience to breakage and impact beyond any standard eyewear frame available in the eyewear market today. Watch how Jay from Live Eyewear test the durability of the Cocoons Sidekick Sunglasses by clicking this VIDEO LINK. Cocoons Sidekick 100% block and filters UVA and UVB ultraviolet light rays. The Cocoons Sidekick Flex2Fit® temples can be easily flexed and fit to shape to adapt on most facial shape and contours assuring comfort, security and convenience. Each pair of Cocoons Sidekick Sunglasses have the OveRx® emblem logo and carry the Live Eyewear limited lifetime warranty. Accessories include the sturdy neoprene case with the Cocoons logo, cleaning cloth and Users Guide booklet.

Cocoons Sidekick is a worthy sun eyewear and offers this amazing sunglasses online in amazingly great deals. Chat with our online eyewear experts for your choice of the Cocoons Sidekick.