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Croakies Retainers

Croakies® Eyewear Retainers

were born in 1977 from the ideas and inspiration about creating and designing an effective eyewear retainer that can secure and protect the eyewear from getting lost. Since then the popularity of Croakies® retainers has made the word ‘croakies’ synonymous to eyewear retainers and strap and has been recognized in the urban dictionary by the year 2006 making it a household word to mean synonymously as eyewear retainers. The Croakies® Retention System are original environment friendly neoprene eyewear retainers. Croakies® are patented eyewear retainers that comes in solid or combination of attractive colors that matches the eyewear lens and frame. Croakies® retainers has become a fashionable and stylish eyewear accessories for celebrities due to its unique designs and patterns. Whitney Port, ace male model Eunice Kim, Oakland Raiders Al Davis, and Badass Chef Melissa Danielle has been seen wearing their fashionable Croakies® retainers with their favorite eyewear.

Croakies retainers are durable and washable non-slip neoprene rubber materials with stretchable and breathable HyPUR-cel® foam lining that expels moisture and reduces skin irritation. Croakies® retainers are designed to float on the water and keep the eyewear from falling off. With its bright attractive colors, unique designs and patterns, Croakies® retainers practically fits almost all types and brand of eyewear available in the market. Croakies® retainers are indigenous and affordable way of preventing loss and breakage of the eyewear. Croakies® are 100% made in the USA.

Popularly worn on campuses, schools and by many sports enthusiasts, Croakies® has become not only a fad but an integral and a necessary eyewear accessories due to its useful and functional use especially in keeping the eyewear from falling off and getting lost on and off the water.

Buy Croakies® eyewear retentions here at heavyglare.com and pair them with any of our authentic eyewear brands. Our friendly eyewear experts are online for a chat on how to avail about the Croakies® eyewear retainers that will match your prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and goggles.

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