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Modo Eyeglasses

Modo Eyeglasses

belongs to the successful collection of eyewear brand portfolios developed and founded in 1990 by Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Lanaro in Soho, New York. Alessandro who was born in the Dolomites, one of the world’s natural and most pristine scenic destination in Northern Italy. Home to the world famous ‘pale mountains’ the mecca for winter sports and activities.

One can easily get attune with its legendary natural beauty. It is Alessandro’s love for nature that his spirit yearns to develop an eyewear that will not harm nature in any way but functionally designed to view and see beauty at its best. Modo Eyeglasses are made with biodegradable materials and that 95% of the eyewear material be it metal or plastic are recyclable. Modo is the eyewear industry’s pioneer in driving and merging the eyewear’s technological design and global sustainability purpose awareness. The Environmental Clearance Validation (ECV) mark can be found on all Modo Eyeglasses signifying passed and qualified with global environmental clearance and standard. Modo Eyeglasses’ acetate frames are all artistically hand made.

Famous celebrities who love wearing Modo Eyeglasses were: Leonardo DiCaprio, actress Eva Mendes, top stylist and reality TV personality Rachel Zoe, Gossip girl Leighton Meester, director-editor Tamasso Cardile and Super Model Kate Moss.

It was also Alessandro’s dream and vision to make his eyewear’s customers involve in his advocacy as an environmentalist. He believe that the customers are the best product ambassadors for his eyewear products by involving and making them part of the story. Modo is a global company with offices located strategically in Milan, Stockholm New York and Hong Kong. Heavyglare.com include Modo Eyeglasses in its wide array of significantly made eyeglasses collection. We will help you choose the perfect fitting Modo Eyeglasses for you. Our eyewear experts are online and ready to chat with you.

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