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totally packaged the looks of Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Don Johnson, Kanye West, Joaquin Phoenix, Chris Brown, Adam Levine, Michelle Williams, Aexander Skarsgard and that James Bond look of Pierce Brosnan. The list goes on for celebrities on hooked wearing their Persol Sunglasses. The eyewear brand created by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917 mainly just to protect the eyes from the harmful effect of the sun has dominated the eyewear industry with its pioneering technologies, proven durability and exquisite designs and styles. The following are Persol Sunglasses unique features:


The handcrafted Meflecto System stem frame trademark was the world’s first technology in the creation of flexible eyewear frames. Persol Sunglasses created and perfected this technology to provide extreme comfort. It eliminates the pressures brought about by the eyewear frames by adapting to the contours of the head. A technology which has been tried and duplicated by other eyewear brands but no one has ever matched nor come close to its original design. A technology unique only to Persol Sunglasses.

The Persol Sunglasses was equipped with 1.8 mm ultralight Polarized lenses which was produced from extra fine glass through an advanced technology of shaping and tempering glass components. A polarizing film was inserted among the layers of neutral lenses that evenly resist the reflected harmful effect of heavy glare and achieve perfect and undistorted visual clarity. It effectively eliminate the reflective light on objects and elements such as the reflections emitted by the sand, the road, water and other luminance from highly reflective surfaces and other entities achieving that perfect and ideal vision capabilities. The Persol-matic technology projects the photochromic effect of the lens providing the most ideal colors and object detailing as one look through the Persol Sunglasses lenses.

The Persol Sunglass lenses are made from natural sources. The crystal clear lenses are scientifically produced to repel absorption of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

The ‘silver victor arrow’ emblem marks the Persol quality craftsmanship and authenticity. The evolution of Persol’s emblem likewise revolutionize the technology Persol Sunglasses has developed through the years. Quality, technology and design that made Persol dominate the worldwide eyewear industry.

Persol Sunglasses was being worn by famous celebrities to make them look good and better. But celebrity or not, one will be addicted to wearing the Persol Sunglasses because of the benefits and reliability it brings backed by its proven track record as a pioneer on eyewear technology, unique designs and reliability for the longest time possible. Heavyglare.com is a worthy distributor of authentic Persol Sunglasses. Meet our friendly eyewear consultants who are always willing to serve and guide you in choosing the right Persol Sunglasses you need.

Persol Eyeglasses was the choice of Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Harvey Keitel, Steve Martin and singer heartthrob Justin Bieber. Even the late Fast and Furious star Paul Walker chose Persol Eyeglasses and was photographed on several occasion wearing the eyewear. Well, why not? Persol Eyeglasses brand has been around since its founding in 1917 by its creator Giuseppe Ratti and was introduced in the American market in 1962. The pioneer in eyewear technology, Persol literally means ‘for the sun’ or ‘per il sole’ in Italian. Persol was an authentic Italian eyewear brand that was made famous worldwide because of its superior quality and the pioneer in various age old technologies and proven durability especially on all its eyewear products.

The ‘silver victor arrow’ signature mark was the unique distinction and emblem carried by the eyewear and can be found in all its eyewear products as its signature and authenticity of the quality eyewear Persol was famous for almost a century old tradition of Italian eyewear craftsmanship. Like the transformation of its warhorse emblem the silver victor arrow has evolved through the years, the technology likewise innovates and improved for the better and use of the ever increasing popularity of the Persol eyewear brand. The Persol evolution dominates the eyewear industry through its quality, design and technology.

The patented handcrafted Meflecto System stem frames are the world’s first flexible eyewear frames created and perfected for ultimate comfort. It extinguish and eliminate pressures brought about by the eyewear frames and adapt to the contours of any shape of the head. This particular Persol technology has been copied and duplicated by competitors but no brand have surpassed the original technology that only Persol Eyeglasses can deliver. The procedures done by Persol Eyeglasses was so technologically unique that the harmonic effect can only be achieved through the Meflecto production system of the eyewear. This is one iconic technology only Persol eyewear products has been famous for worldwide. The Persol Eyeglass lenses are guaranteed nature friendly materials from natural sources. The crystal lenses are systematically invented to resist eye absorption of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The Persol Eyeglasses offers 1.8 mm ultralight Polarized lenses which was made from extra fine glass enhanced by the latest technology to shape and temper the glass. The polarizing film was inserted along layers of total quality neutral lenses achieving even resilience of the reflected harmful glare and an excellent delivery of the clearest and undistorted vision. It effectively disperse off the reflected light on objects and elements like the sand, the road, water and other shiny and highly reflective surfaces and objects achieving the most perfect, vivid vision in the most relaxing and harmonious way. The Persolmatic technology delivers the photochromic effect on the lens which defines the sharpness and color enhancement projection of objects and surroundings resulting to the most calming visual effects of looking through the lens.

Persol Eyeglasses maybe the choice of famous celebrities who needed an eyewear that would make them look good and better especially to the eyes of the public who idolize them. But Persol has a proven track record as a pioneer of eyewear technology and unique designs that fit not only celebrities but every individual who seek one of the most outstanding and reliable eyewear that has proven performance for the longest time. Heavyglare.com is a proud distributor of authentic Persol Eyeglasses. Our friendly eyewear consultants are always ready to serve your needs and help you decide for a fitting Persol Eyeglasses that will meet your taste and standard.

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