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Prada Sunglasses

Prada Sunglasses

is the choice of a number of celebrities who loves fashionable yet quality eyewear. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner, Kesha, Miranda Kerr, LeAnn Rimes, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and the legendary Stevie Wonder are just few who uses Prada Sunglasses. Prada is an Italian company founded by Mario Prada in 1913 whose family’s fashion ideas flourished all over Italy and spread into the rest of the world like wildfire due to the high fashion design and quality that only Prada can deliver.



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The Polarized lenses of Prada Sunglasses was effective in cutting off the glare that penetrate as a result of the light that bounces from heavily lighted or reflective surfaces and objects such as luminance from water, heavy shine of metals and glass as well as other shiny and reflective object and surfaces that made our eyes squint due to glare. The Polarized lenses has powerful anti-glare coatings that block and repel these luminous rays of light to enable users see and focus clearly better. Colors become purely sharp, vibrant and objects becomes precise, true and detailed. Enabling one to see all aspect that the naked eye normally miss. The Prada Sunglasses has advanced Total UVA/UVB light defiance providing protection from the most harmful effect of ultraviolet. The Mirrored lenses of the Prada Sunglasses reduces and minimize the passing of excess and unnecessary light into the eye. The Gradient lenses with Photochromic feature turns darker tint to a lighter tint to adjust and allow vision on any lighting condition on all season and time. The lens allow and filter only adequate light and in correct proportion to pass unto its lenses. The Prada Sunglasses uses a more scratch and impact resistant Polycarbonate lens material ensuring durability and long lasting use of the eyewear better than the fragile, breakable and heavily weighted glass lens. The variety of colors and design of the Prada Sunglasses eyewear frames are made by high grade Acetate material that provides and enabled Prada to create endless possibilities in designing and experimenting on color, texture and patterns. Acetate has the most versatility among eyewear frames since they exhibit lightness, color and design adaptation. Acetate materials on eyewear frame are made from cotton seed fiber combined in highly flexible plasticizers. All Prada Sunglasses are inscribed with the Prada logo that serve as its signature that the product is a trusted brand in terms of quality, technology and exquisite fashionable design no other eyewear in the market can compete.

The creative designers of the Prada Sunglasses highly explore on the glamorous, interesting yet classic and modern combined fresh and fun ideas that are always updated and technologically advanced with the latest about quality designer eyewear favored and used by fashion and design conscious individuals. We at heavyglare.com are committed to bring you authentic and designer Prada Sunglasses. Talk to us, our friendly eyewear consultant will be delighted to answer all your queries regarding Prada Sunglasses.

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