Ray Ban Sunglasses are popularized by known celebrities and famous personalities in the history. Gen. Douglas McArthur wore a Ray Ban Aviator during World War II. John F. Kennedy was often photographed wearing his Ray Ban in public. Marilyn Monroe looks great in her Ray Ban Wayfarers in the 1950’s. Peter Fonda loves his Easy Rider Ray Ban. Jack Nicholson stuns the moviegoers in his role as Garrett Breedlove wearing a Ray Ban Wayfarers in the 1983 movie Terms of Endearment which won him the best supporting role in the Oscars. And who could ever forget how dashing Tom Cruise look in his Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses in the 1986 movie Top Gun? Corey Hart in his famous chartbuster hit video ‘Sunglasses at Night’ wore a Ray Ban Wayfarers too! John Belushi, Bruce Willis, Men in Black are just some of the many famous celebrities who love wearing Ray Ban Sunglasses.

The Ray-Ban sunglasses brand has been popular since its introduction during the 1930’s by the American Company Bausch and Lomb. Aside from its popular designs and styles, Ray-Ban Sunglasses possessed technologies and features that were/are unique. Ray-Ban is a legendary eyewear brand.

The APX Technology of Ray-Ban Sunglasses focuses on the high grade lens material Ray-Ban was made from. The advanced polycarbonate lens features lightweight yet high performing lenses. With a vast array and variety of lens colors and frames to choose from, you will definitely be able to find eyewear that will match and fit your unique fashion.

In order to minimize distortion, maintain vision clarity and eye comfort, the Ray Ban Sunglasses lens are shaped with state of the art diamond lens tools. The perfectly uniform layers of Ray Ban Sunglasses Mirror lenses performs unparalleled clarity at all times.

Ray-Ban's Photochromic Lens respond to temperature and lighting conditions. This means that the lens will darken or lighten depending on the lighting that they are in. If it is overcast then the sunglasses will be light. If it is sunny outside the lens will darken.  

Gradient lenses offer infinite shade option on a variety of lively colors for perfect contrast on various light conditions. The high quality crystal lenses of the Ray Ban Sunglasses Legend lenses provides clear optics.

Timeless design, quality and technology made Ray-Ban sunglasses a global legend in the eyewear industry. Ray-Bans have been the best, and fastest, selling eyewear brand in the world for decades. Their cutting edge technologies, perfected and enhanced for decades, have made them a legend. Ray-Bans are an eyewear icon, being worn by famous celebrities and famous people throughout history.