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Revision Sunglasses

Revision Sunglasses

was developed manufactured and tested to the highest set of standards as an eyewear that takes pride and inspiration in helping save lives through the use of their high quality ballistic protective eyewear. From a company that was founded in February 2001 at Montreal, Quebec with US headquarters in Williston, Vermont. Revision Sunglasses was technologically designed for used by the military as a high performance eye protection solution with ballistic protection focus.

Revision Sunglasses was the highly favored eyewear commissioned by both the Canadian Department of National Defense and the US Army for their basic fielding and unit level trainings. Listed under the U.S. Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL). Revision Sunglasses was a high performance eye protection solution for today’s modern front line defense personnel. Revision Eyewear’s passionate commitment to quality and living up to the standard of an ISO 9001:2008 certified corporate environment with quality embedded in all aspect relating to the perfection of each Revision Eyewear. Every Revision Sunglasses was tested using the first of its kind equipment called the Anti-Fog Characterization Apparatus or AFCA programmed with Revision Eyewear’s own unique anti-fog feature applied on every lens that ultimately enhance the lens to the setting of the highest level on standards of performance under harsh military challenges. The overall unique rugged designs were skilfully crafted from battlefield-resilient materials and further enhanced with anti-scratch lenses that are made to outlast any type of environmental challenges. Revision Sunglasses are certified tested and passed the stringent ANSI Z87.1 and US Military Requirements MIL-V-43511C for tactical, ballistic and impact protection. The optically correct and curve lens precision performance of each pair of Revision Sunglasses delivers unwavering vision acuity. The interchangeable lens functionality adheres in constantly providing unrestricted field of view advantages for various light changing conditions.

How the men and women behind Revision Eyewear were inspired in providing an all elite protective eyewear to the military. Heavyglare.com is likewise inspired to offer great value deals for Revision Sunglasses. Live chat eyewear specialists are online to talk about this one true tough and durable eyewear made to perform like an elite soldier on the frontier defense protecting not only the eyes but essentially protecting human lives.

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