Rudy Project Goggles

Rudy Project Goggles
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Rudy’s firm conviction on the improvement and performance of athlete’s eyewear all around the world.  His passion for style, design and with his keen eye focused on the most technologically advanced sports eyewear. His collaboration with athletes and seeking their feedback and suggestions from all across different sports field. Made the Rudy Project Goggles a fitting protective eyewear for every sports enthusiasts and anybody who live and love the world of active sports.

The Quick Change Technology of the Rudy Project Goggles is the basic system of easy and swift lens replacement and changing to manage visibility and lens matching on any weather and light condition. Change from dirt environment to snow environment in no time was a distinct functionality of the Rudy Project Goggle. Swift and easily replace and change lens and strap to suit with your chosen activity. The no-fog featuring the aerodynamic design of the Klonyx Air System which manages the flow of air exchanges in order to prevent fogging and keep the eyes dry at all time. The Rudy Project Impact X Technology features the technologically advanced optic solution resilience of the Rudy Project Goggle lens from breakage and high impact contact. This ensures the Rudy Project Goggles to be forever consistent to last in bringing excellent visual acuity, thermal and mechanical reliant. The Impact X lens technology can also be GPS enabled and will not obstruct, impair and compromise vision clarity and performance. The lightweight Polarized and Photochromic Lens Technology of the Rudy Project Goggles ensures accurate vision clearness, precise color definition and cut off heavy and intense glare in the lens on any light and weather environment.

Rudy Project has come a long way in creating breakthrough eyewear technologies and designs. The passion of Rudy Barbazza in creating and perfecting a protective eyewear that is highly advanced in technology. And offers the ultimate protection and comfort for the eyes brought forth Rudy Project Goggles for everyone.

are made by the company Rudy Project of Treviso, Italy an Italian firm established in 1985. Rudy Barbazza lead in the design and production of award winning and technologically advanced of sports eyewear.