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were initiated to public in 1958 when Ed Scott, an engineer and inventor of the first aluminum ski poles and founder of Scott Sports launched it in Sun Valley, Idaho along with the company’s other sports product lines. Leveraging its competencies in optics, Scott Sunglasses transcended and became one of the world’s leader in producing and marketing high end sports eyewear collection initially intended for biking, winter-sports and motorsports activities. Today, Scott Sunglasses was a global brand known for its highly innovative technologies. Scott Sunglasses was equipped with the Solar Blocker Lens Technology which efficiently blocks most of the harmful blue lights providing excellent vision clearness and accuracy. Scott Sunglasses are highly recommended for glacier skiing, ice mountaineering as well as bright sunny days heavily flooded with highly reflected glare and haze. The highly durable frame will not break nor damaged even in high velocity motion impact and crashes. The versatile style and comfort fit design are crafted with the best materials and highly advanced technology. All Scott Sunglasses are prescription ready to accommodate your level of eye condition. The stylish unisex designs caters for both men and women in absolute comfort fit.




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Scott Sports are committed to bring the finest products into the market and Heavyglare offers great collection of Scott Sunglasses that we’re sure could fit your budget. Shop online now. We offer great price packages made affordable to suit your needs.

Scott Goggles was developed in 1958 by Ed Scott of Sun Valley, Idaho who invented the first aluminum ski pole which spearhead the development of his other innovative products to the market which include the high performance Scott Goggles. Scott Goggles is the proud owner of the highly engineered with patent pending Lens Change Goggle (LCG) Technology in snow goggles. A revolutionized system of functional and easy to operate lens goggle change system. Super quick lens change system involving click and slide functionality.

The lens pops out easily for a quick change and slide in to replace back. The adjustment on the pentagon screws using the unique Scott screw adjusting key will make the goggle easy to flex and fit within your facial feature. A convenient and comfort feature only Scott Goggle has offered to its goggle users apart and unique from any other goggle technology in the eyewear market today. The coolest feature ever in snow goggles. Scott Goggle lenses can easily be dislodged and installed back even with your gloves on without touching the inside and outside of the lens. LCG also allows the users to conveniently customize the fit of their goggles by adjusting goggle parts which was secured by easily driven yet safely secured pentagon screws on either side of the nose area of the goggles. The result improves significantly the comfort, convenience and overall easy and perfect fit of the goggles on the user’s facial structure. The wide span window view of the goggle enhances the ability of the user to see a wider spectrum of the surroundings for a perfect visibility in all angles. The LCG quick change lens system is the most convenient and functional lens technology system ever introduced in the market today. The Scott Goggle has superior triple layer face foam with the most comfortable plush finish.

The Scott precision lens system exhibits optimum spherical optical lens performance on a spaciously designed goggle lens system. The ergonomically designed Scott Goggles comes with a sturdy and functional high profile protective scratch proof molded lens case that fits conveniently inside a jacket pocket along with an extra lens to complete the protection for this high performance eyewear ensemble users can bring anytime and anywhere they wanted to. Scott Goggles does not only carry great looking goggles design and pattern it has one of the best features in Goggle technology currently in the market today.

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