Sferoflex Eyeglasses

Sferoflex Eyeglasses
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Sferoflex's classic flexi-hinge temples provides pressure free comfort. The lightweight yet durable clear polycarbonate lens offers perfect vision acuity at all time. The scratch proof lens features defy marks and smudges, keeping the lens free from distortion viewing. The customizable prescription lenses can accommodate your vision requirement allowing you to comfortably continue your desired unparalleled viewing pleasure. Sferoflex Eyeglasses is Luxottica’s premier prescription eyewear aimed for individuals who demand and love to wear classic yet high quality made eyeglasses.

Sferoflex® Eyeglasses

are prescription frames renowned for its distinctive flexible hinge temples that comfortably fit to any shape and sizes of the face. Sferoflex is one of Luxottica’s house brands which started its portfolio in the year 1981. Luxottica is the world’s biggest eyewear conglomerate representing around 80% controllership of the world’s eyewear industry.