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Smith Optics’ signature product technologies such as the Techlite Glass, Smith Polarization and the recently added ChromaPop were product innovations made to aid every user to see visual perfection looking through the tapered lens technology of their eyewear products.

Techlite glass is the technology adapted by Smith Optics on its lenses that provides optical precision and clarity.  The techlite glass by Smith Optics has anti-reflective coating and combined with its scratch-proof surface, cleaning the lenses are easy and manageable.

The Chromapop technology of Smith Optics was designed to make colors more vividly optimized through its lenses enabling color brilliance and clarity.  The light in our surroundings carry reflective hues and color wave intersections.   That when it passed through the Chromapop enabled lenses of Smith Optics produces unparalleled colour precision eliminating color confusion to the eyes.  Thus, blue become clarified blue, red becomes vibrant red and green reflects green as the fresh green grasses in the fields.

The Smith Polarization technology was engineered to obliterate and block intense light’s harmful glare and ultraviolet rays.

The Smith Optic’s Evolve technology is the company’s answer to the worldwide call on using bio-ergonomic materials unto its product lines.  The use of the elastic and soft thermoplastic polyurethane materials specifically on the product frame adds up to its lightweight yet sturdy attribute.  The unique hydrophilic MEGOL® rubber nose and temple pads keeps the frame and sliders stable on the face as well as keeping moisture and hydration needed by the skin specifically on the nose and temple  spots where are supposed to function well.

The Smith Optic protective eyewear’s outstanding features such as the Chromapop, Evolve and the Smith Polarization has earned them a niche for being one of the most sought after eyewear by people whose active lifestyle conquers the road and the waters.    Great for motoring, high wind riding, swimming and fishing.  There is a Smith Optic eyewear that will fit your ever day activity.