TAG Heuer Sunglasses

TAG Heuer Sunglasses
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Commissioning famous celebrity endorsers as brand ambassadors add up to the popularity of Tag Heuer Sunglasses. The brand was endorsed by famous celebrities such as world’s No. 4 in women’s tennis and Russia’s best tennis player Maria Sharapova, Hollywood celebrities Cameron Diaz and Leonado Dicaprio as well as 4-time Champ World Car Series winner race car driver Sebastien Bourdais, Hong Kong ace director Jonnie To and NASCAR driver Kurt Busch are just some of the many exclusive users and brand ambassadors of Tag Heuer Sunglasses. The top of the line and luxury designs of the Tag Heuer Sunglasses are loaded with features and functions that are distinct and unique especially for Tag Heuer eyewear. The sporty and ergonomic designs of the Tag Heuer Sunglasses are developed to maintain the level of standards of a truly luxury eyewear brand that are made to last on every challenge of the sport and lifestyle of its users who are on the lookout for value and high performance in an eyewear.

The Night Vision Technology aligns one’s vision through Tag Heuer lens with night vision technology. Myopia is the condition of the eye where one sees direct objects at the closest distance. The Tag Heuer Night Vision Technology aid in correcting -0.25 of natural nocturnal myopia. Professional racing car drivers trusted this technology from Tag Heuer Sunglasses. The special lens enhance and improves nigh time contrasts giving the benefit of luminosity resulting to reduction and diminishing effect of heavy glare and eye fatigue The combined Photochromic, Polarization with added 3 layers of anti-reflective coating enhances the true and perfect color definition of the surroundings and objects. For a more stylish and fashionable eyewear ensemble, combining and mix-matching the temples was a value-added feature. The original and the uniquely varied design of the lightweight Elastomer reflex metallic adaptable temples adjust and reacts for safety, comfort and convenience. The Tag Heuer Sunglasses also fit and adapt to any helmet design. The soft-touch Elastomer materials and the easily adjustable nose pads and tips provide exceptional comfort, convenience, and reliable retention. The beta-titanium frame provide superior lightness, while maintaining an extreme flexibility, durability and resistance. All Tag Heuer Sunglasses eyewear assures 100% UV light resistanceand passed all standardization inspection and testing. is a proud distributor of one of the world’s most prominent name in quality luxury eyewear brand, the name synonymous to world-class luxury eyewear sunglasses product, the Tag Heuer Sunglasses. Contact us right now for a quote and we are always willing to serve you round the clock.

Tag Heuer Sunglasses is a Swiss Avant-Garde eyewear sunglasses brand made famous by its founder Edouard Heuer back in 1860. Initiating as a Swiss watch technology maker it expanded and diverted its branding and signature in the eyewear industry in the year 2002.