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Takumi Sunglasses

Takumi Sunglasses

are ergonomically designed eyewear globally distributed by Aspex Eyewear, Inc. one of the world’s largest eyewear manufacturer whose ground breaking collections include a combination of innovative technologies, pioneering research and world class fashion styling. The company founded by Nonu Ifergan in 1965 with headquarters in Pembroke Park, Florida.

Takumi’s brand name was taken from a Japanese word that means ‘artisan’ or ‘craftsman’. Takumi Sunglasses exemplifies the Japanese inspired graceful line elegance craftsmanship combined with the expression of western ergonomics enterprising spirit. Takumi Sunglasses is the ultimate expression meant for individuals who constantly strive to stand uniquely different from the rest. Aspex reinvents the TurboFlex® technology that provide wearers with a 360° viewing capacity facilitated by its monel TM and hypoallergenic TrilastonTM memory metal frame materials. TurboFlex® adapt even through the most rigorous external stress, movements and extreme weather condition. Whereas, the TrilastonTM feature safeguards the skin and the eyewear from corrosion and maintains its dazzling constant luster finish. A versatile feature that delivers durable fitting comfort inspite of its ultimate flexibility. Available in both rimless and semi-rimless model. Included in the eyewear package is a pair of magnetic polarized sun clip equipped with the EasyClip® technology utilizing the rare neodium earth magnets with ten times magnetic attraction than standard ferrous magnets. A feature that guarantee the Takumi Sunglasses will securely stay in place even through rigid movements and impact.

Beauty plus quality was in every Takumi Sunglasses. Aspex Eyewear assures fashion may change but the ergonomically designed elegance of every Takumi Sunglasses will never go out of style. Grab a pair now here at Heavyglare. We are one of the leading online distributor of authentic Takumi Sunglasses that offers great price bargain when you purchase online this technologically advanced Japanese inspired craftsmanship of the Takumi Sunglasses.

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