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VedaloHD Sunglasses

VedaloHD® Sunglasses

is guaranteed to be the best sports eyewear in the planet you will ever experience!

Manufactured and distributed globally by VedaloHD® Performance Eyewear, a pioneering eyewear technology company founded by Dan Jacobs with headquarters in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. VedaloHD® was the industry’s leader in launching the first ever real lens innovation since lens polarization was invented some 70 years ago. VedaloHD® Glasses was the eyewear choice for the 21st century extreme sports athletes like aerobatic champion pilots Sean D. Tucker, Rob Holland, Kevin Eldredge and Chris Ward, professional car racers Elaine ‘Rocket Girl’ Larsen and Jeff Millikin of Redfly Motorsports. Wave professional surfer Drew Ventura and ace golfer Steve ’Kiwi Caddy’ Williams never compete without wearing their VedaloHD® Glasses.

The outstanding performance of the exclusive SolarMax™ lens technology provide high definition contrast and colors better and beyond the naked eyes can see. VedaloHD® Glasses are designed with the lightest Stritanium™ frames made from high quality surgical stainless steel infused with Titanium. So durable and advance no temple screws will ever loose unlike other eyewear available in the market on frames made with hinges and screws. Every VedaloHD® Glasses exceeds UVA & UVB sun protection global standards issued by the US, Europe and Australia. The lens of the VedaloHD® Glasses utilizes an embedded tri-stimulus filtering process that immediately adapt to the eyes’ chromatic experience and improved contrast. The VedaloHD® Glasses finest quality APX or PC lens materials are produced in Italy and has the ultimate sun protection feature on its SolarMaxShatter™ resistant technology, protection for your eyes when you need it but don’t expect it.

The amazing VedaloHD® sunglasses lens science has been experienced by people all over the world who expect exceeding high performance eyewear features. Heavyglare was equally delighted to offer you this extraordinary eyewear by choosing a suiting model for your lifestyle. Shop online now. We offer competitive prices that are surprisingly amazing to suit every budget for every pair of the eyewear you buy from us. We guarantee authentic quality at amazing prices. Buy now and be amazed experiencing the excellent features of the VedaloHD® Glasses!

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