Vogue Sunglasses
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The fresh and contemporary modern design of the Vogue Sunglasses are part of the eyewear ensemble by famous actress, model and designer Eva Mendes. Vogue was creatively designed by its top house designer, Charlotte Ronson whose impeccable Vogue designs have graced the face of Eva Mendes and has also become a favorite among other big celebrities like Blake Lively, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Katy Perry, Kristen Wiig, Hayden Panettiere and Lauren Conrad. Vogue Sunglasses are coated with Anti-Reflective film that reduces the distracting reflections of light passing through the eyes providing harmony and comfort. Vogue Sunglasses were made with prime grade polycarbonate lens that are more impact resistant than glass. With scratch resistant lenses, Vogue Sunglasses defy unwanted abrasions, markings and smudges. The Polarized lens of Vogue Sunglasses helps in fighting off glare and blocking the undesirable light rays resulting to a very desirable enhanced vision experience.. The Vogue Photochromatic experience adapt and darkens with the UV exposure and fade to a lighter tint to allow comfortable vision upon a wide range of distance and light changing conditions. The sturdy frames of Vogue Sunglasses can either be made with memory metal, acetate plastic or the highly durable titanium. The snug and face fitting memory metal frames are highly flexible and will never go out of shape as it provide that pressure free comfort to the head and face. The acetate plastic frames come in a variety of rich colors and uniquely patterned designs. Whereas the titanium frames which are 40% lighter than steel are the world’s most durable eyewear frame material.

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Vogue Sunglasses

with its immortal timeless style in special modern twist collection. With its new way of conveying and brand packaging, Vogue Sunglasses stood out as the fashion bible of the eyewear industry. Created in 1973, Vogue Sunglasses is a prime luxury eyewear design globally distributed by the world’s largest eyewear conglomerate Luxottica Group SpA of Italy with its founder designer Leonardo Del Vecchio.