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VonZipper Goggles

VonZipper Goggles

was produced and distributed worldwide by Billabong International, Ltd. Born from the inspiration and new beginnings of the new millennium with its founding in the year 1999 at Irvine, South California. VonZipper emerge as a business promoting lifestyle and enhancing personal independence in the form of quality Goggles.

VonZipper’s advocacy in bringing smiles to faces and connect with people having positive declarations. Its culture of authenticity and uniqueness, VonZipper Goggles understands the growing advancement in sports technology and the era of independence all contribute to the common good through its commitment in bringing excellently produced safety eyewear. Professional snowboarders Hana Beaman, Eric Jackson, Brendan Gerard, Scott Brown, Tor Lundstrom, Andrew Hardingham and Hans Mindnich all are proud endorsers of VonZipper Goggles. The dual cylindrical polycarbonate and impact resistant lenses are highly chosen due to its Polarized lenses that provides keen lens vision performance and realistic colors in great superior contrasts. The anti-reflective coating repels harmful reflections and improves vision by blocking unwanted glare of light. The photochromic lenses allows comfortable vision over a wide range of distance and lighting transitions. All VonZipper lenses defy 100% UV rays providing protection from the sun’s damaging rays of light. VonZipper Goggles are equipped with Barricade Anti-Fog coating element that efficiently wicks away moisture and fog providing undistracted view coverage. All VonZipper Goggles are backed with the manufacturer’s limited warranty on defects and pledge that the VonZipper experience is all it can be and will not let you down. VonZipper Goggles are born and manufactured in excellent Italian craftsmanship with a vision of creating a world where everyone rejoices in uniqueness and togetherness.

VonZipper Goggles are the ultimate eyewear with an attitude made by eyewear safety experts and worn by iconic personalities. Heavyglare.com is an authorized dealer of authentic VonZipper and carry its wide collection with huge price savings on every purchase. We invite you to join the thousands of gratified people who enjoy wearing a sophisticated and unique eyewear with great advocacy to help other people improve their lives with a better eyesight for a brighter tomorrow. Shop now, we offer great value packages tailored especially for you for this worthy eyewear.

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