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Brooks Brothers Sunglasses and Brooks Brothers Eyeglasses
Brooks Brothers BB 499 Gunmetal Clear

Brooks Brothers BB 499 Gunmetal Clear

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SKU: 1507

BB 499 is a half-rimless eyewear that is perfect for your everyday office look. You never have to look boring even when you need to wear your handy eyeglasses. Brooks Brothers makes sure you are always trendy and sophisticated with this lightweight eyewear.
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Lens Type

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When making selections on this form you will be designing custom lenses. These custom lenses will then be put into your selected frame. The original lenses, which were original to the manufacturer's frame, cannot be used. Therefore, all colors, coatings or treatments will need to be selected below. If no tints or coatings are selected your lenses will be made clear, color/tint free.

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OD - (Right Eye) is an abbreviation for Oculus Dexter


OS - (Left Eye) is an abbreviation for Oculus Sinister


SPH - This indicates the amount of lens power prescribed to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. (–), you are nearsighted; (+), you are farsighted


Cylinder (CYL) - This indicates the amount of lens power for astigmatism. If nothing appears in this column, either you have no astigmatism


Axis - Is where your astigmatism is on your eye for the required Cylinder (CYL) power. If you have Cylinder would will have an Axis.


Add - This is the added magnifying power applied to the bottom part of the lens. Bifocal, Trifocal, or Multifocal lens. This is the reading portion of the lens.


PD - Pupillary distance is measurement between the centers of your pupils. 

A combined PD of one number is fine. However, a Mono PD or Monocular Pupillary Distance is more accurate. Most people are not symmetrical so the distance usually is not the same for each eye. 

  Sphere (SPH) Cylinder (CYL) Axis Near/Add
Right (OD)
Left (OS)
PD (Pupillary Distance)

If your prescription does not include a PD, we will help you get it.

Recomended Lens package:

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Frame Price
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    UV Protection (FREE)


    Enhance your vision with digital surfacing...

    You have worn regular lenses in the past, today you can experience the clarity of digital surfacing in larger wrapped lenses. "It is like seeing everything in HD TV". Note: If you are buying sunglasses with a half-rim, digital surfacing is REQUIRED to be able to create the lenses.

    Lens Materials

    Select a lens thickness

    Lens Colors

    Select a lens tint color


    Low light conditions/ Indoor LT 93%

    Clear lenses may be tinted to create custom colors for every need or request. Use this choice when getting polarized or transitional lenses.

    YELLOW 90% +$16.00
    Flat to low light conditions LT 10% Excellent for shooting

    YELLOW provides the maximum light transmission. Increases contrast and filters out some blue light. Used in low light conditions such as overcast or cloudy days. Popular among shooters, hunters and for night driving.

    BROWN 22% +$16.00
    Medium to bright light conditions LT 78%

    BROWN 1 is a lighter shade of the Brown C color. Improves contrast and depth perception. Good for partly sunny to bright sunny days. Can be used as a base for creating custom colors.

    BROWN 80% +$16.00
    Bright light conditions LT 20%

    BROWN 3 provides excellent contrast and improves visual acuity and depth perception. Good for bright sunny and varying conditions. Reduces blue light. Best for driving, golfing and shallow water fishing.

    ORANGE +$16.00
    Persimmon / Orange- Flat to low light conditions LT 61%

    ORANGE increases contrast and blocks blue light. Best in overcast or partly cloudy conditions. This is the most common lens color used for clay target shooting. Also used for hunting, biking and skiing.

    VERMILLION +$16.00
    VERMILLION is a vibrant color that increases contrast. Often used for fishing in early morning or late evening hours. Used in target shooting for bright sunny conditions. Also used for skiing and hunting in flat light conditions.

    G-30 +$16.00
    G-30 Medium to bright light. High-contrast rose tint for improved image resolution (visual clarity) in a wide variety of conditions. Golfers lens of choice.

    GRAY 80% +$16.00
    Extreme bright light conditions LT 20%

    GRAY 3 reduces the maximum amount of visible light and allows for true color recognition. Good for bright sunny days and heavy glare situations. Best uses include driving, deep-water fishing and general use. Polarized gray is the only lens darker.

    VIOLET +$16.00
    Medium light conditions LT 38%

    VIOLET increases contrast and dampens certain backgrounds. Violet is often used by shooters in average or bright conditions. Also used for skiing, snowmobiling and golfing.

    G-15 80% +$16.00
    G-15 (Green/Gray)- Medium light conditions LT 20% Excellent for Pilots

    GREEN has slightly better contrast than the gray colors, but is not considered a high contrast lens. Green maintains true color balance and is a good choice for varying light conditions. Used for tennis driving and golf, as well as an all-purpose color.

    BLUE +$16.00
    BLUE is used in partly cloudy to sunny conditions. Good for tennis, golf, snowmobiling and shooting at green targets. Blue lenses let in the maximum amount of non harmful blue light.

    Pick your add-ons below

    Transitions® Signature™ VII
    Transitions® Signature™ VII

    Add Light-Adjusting Option


    Eliminate glare from water, snow & driving surfaces

     Transitions® & Polarized
    Transitions® & Polarized

    Get both features for Everyday Wear or Driving Specific

    Lens Coatings

    Select Lens Coatings



    Premium AR with Hydrophobic & Oleophobic coatings (2 year warranty)

    UV Protection
    UV Protection

    100% UV Protection


    Whether you are in the office or out on a date, you do not have to worry about shortchanging your field of vision. The Brooks Brothers BB 499 is a half-rimless eyewear which you can wear on any occasions. Classic and elegant, this pair is your perfect choice for your indoor eyewear need. Half Rimless glasses is perfect if you want to emphasize your upper face. It also does not limit your field of vision, unlike regular rimmed glasses. You can wear it for any formal occasions or even on a normal day at the office, and look smart and fashion forward at all times.

    Additional Information

    UPC No
    Model BB 499
    Alternative Selection No
    Eyeglasses Related Halfrim Eyeglasses
    Sunglasses Related No
    Activity Sunglasses No
    Finish No
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