Digital Prescription Lenses

Don't be fooled by other retailers that call their lenses "digital". Make sure you're getting a truly digitally surfaced lens, not just another catchphrase. Digitally surfaced prescription lenses are one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern personal optics. When you order a digital prescription lens from Sunray Optical, be assured that you are getting a lens using the latest in direct digital surfacing techniques.

We use the Shamir Autograph III as they are the only lenses that meet our approval for wrapped frames.

What is the difference in what I can see?

Below is two images of a movie theater. On the left is regular lenses with fuzziness or blurriness on the peripheral areas of the lenses. On the right is a lens surfaced with the Shamir Autograph III.

Regular Surfacing limited peripheral vision illustration Illustration of how much more peripheral vision digital surfacing enhances your vision

You will get much better visual acuity with the Shamir Autograph III in you everyday wear. But when you get wrapped prescription eyewear you will be amazed at what you have been missing. When a lens is surfaced digitally from the backside we are able to get a much larger viewing area along with keeping the lens looking like a stock sunglass lens. This keeps the thickness to the back of the frame instead of coming out the front.


What is new about this technology?

Traditionally conventional manufactured lenses have a back surface with one, or two curves, depending on if you have astigmatism. Each of these curves has a continuous radius, meaning that the rate of curvature does not change from the center of the lens to the edge. Due to this the center of the lens is the sharpest point, and the prescription degrades as your eye moves off-center.

By using new manufacturing techniques and more powerful computers,
lens manufacturers are able to make truly custom lenses.

Digitally surfaced lenses, such as the Shamir Autograph series use these new technologies to create a lens with an aspheric/atoric backside. This means that the rate of curve changes from the center of the lens outward to accommodate the change in distance and angle of your eye to various points of the lens, optimizing the prescription throughout the entire lens.

These lenses have the additional benefit of putting the progressive addition of a multifocal lens on the back of the lens as well, as opposed to the front, which is the case with conventional progressives. This brings the reading addition closer to the eye, widening the useable fields. Certain models, such as the Shamir Autograph go further, customizing the distance your eye travels from your far vision to your near vision based on the frame measurements. This technology lets us put stronger prescriptions than previously possible into wrapped frames as well, benefiting single-vision and progressive wearers alike. Due to the high degree of accuracy this new technology provides, we are now able to make lenses with a tolerance of .01 diopter, whereas previously, the margin of error was .12 diopters.

Shamir Autograph III® - Your Personal Lifestyle Lens™

Digital prescription lenses

Shamir Autograph III® is the ultimate free-form progressive lens for patients with any lifestyle wanting the highest level of personalized optics available on the market today. By combining the most advanced optical technologies to create an innovative personalized progressive lens, Shamir uses a comprehensive approach to lens design and production. At work in the making of each Autograph® lens are:

FreeFrame Technology™
Built into select new Autograph® designs, FreeFrame Technology™ is a ground breaking design element that adapts the progressive lens design to the frame itself. Based on the frame shape, this unbelievable new feature dynamically adjusts the corridor length and moves the reading zone to the most optimal position in the frame, retaining the full reading power! Now, progressive wearers have the freedom to choose any frame they like. Every frame picked will have the most optimal design specifically tailored to the frame and patient.

Direct Lens Technology® & Prescriptor® Software
Transferring this data to the back surface of the lens is the combined effort of Shamir's Direct Lens Technology® and Prescriptor® software, which captures each patients personalized information (Rx, PD, frame measurements and personal lifestyle preferences) and selects the design file required to generate a personalized lens. This information is then sent to the free-form production equipment which grinds the Autograph® design on the back surface of the lens, producing a personalized, custom made Autograph® lens, created to the highest level of optical accuracy (0.01 diopters) and 20% wider fields of vision.