Prescription lens options and prices

To get an exact price for the lenses you want, select the frame in our site and proceed to the next page of the site by clicking the Buy Rx button and fill out the form. This will show you the exact price for your prescription with all the options you want.

There is allot of options that we offer so it is easiest to select the frame you want first.

Digital Surfacing 

These prices are additional to the lens cost & frame cost

Shamir Single Vision - 8 base wrap $59.00
Shamir No-Line Progressive $258.00

Specialty Lenses and Materials

The lens prices are added to the frame price.

• Polycarbonate $99.00 + frame price.
• Trivex $139.00 + frame price.
• High Index 1.67 $219.00 + frame price.
• Ultra High Index 1.74 (Clear Only) $279.00 + frame price.
Packaged Prices
• Polycarbonate Polarized $179.00 + frame price.
• Polycarbonate Transitional $199.00 + frame price.
• Trivex XTRActive $239.99 + frame price.
• Polycarbonate Polarized w/Mirror $259.00 + frame price.
• Polycarbonate DriveWear Transitional $249.00 + frame price.

• Polycarbonate Lined Bifocal $149.00 + frame price.
• Polycarbonate No-Line
$199.00 + frame price.
• Trivex No-Line $239.00 + frame price
• Polycarbonate No-Line Polarized $279.00 + frame price.
• Trivex No-Line Polarized $319.00 + frame price.
• Polycarbonate No-Line Transition $339.00 + frame price.
• Trivex XTRActive No-Line Transition $379.00 + frame price.
Sphere powers of +/- 3.00 diopters incur additional charge of $5.00 per diopter
Cylinder powers of +/- 2.00 diopters incur additional charge of $5.00 per diopter
Add on's (cost added to the price of the lens)
• Super Mirror Coat w/ BS AR $110.00
• Mirror Coat $80.00
• Backside Anti-Reflective $60.00
• Poker Mirror w/ Backside AR $200.00
• Tinted lenses $20.00
• Premium Anti-Reflective with Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Coatings (1yr Warrenty) $100.00
Please call if you have any special request to get a same day quote. 1-888-548-0558

Pricing is subject to change at anytime.


Patient's Own Frame (POF)

If you have a frame we sell or do not sell we can still put lenses in it for you.
A patients own frame is your responsibility and you agree not to hold responsible in the event my frame breaks during the insertion or removal of lenses.

Download a form and send in your frame.

 Download POF Form