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Flip Up Sunglasses

Flip up Sunglasses

are re attachable clamp mounted eyewear that comes in various popular geometrical lens shape available in the eyewear market. Flip Sunglasses offers instant sun protection with just a flip up of the lens one can virtually transform the eyewear use from sunglasses view to the existing eyewear the user is wearing.

Flip Up Sunglasses

And vice versa can easily transform the user’s view into the kaleidoscopic view of a sunglasses lens.  Ideal Flip up Sunglasses has the following features:

  • The clamp for these attachable sunglasses must be made from durable yet lightweight materials such as FreeFlow stainless steel.
  • Lens material for the attachable sunglasses must be made with durable and lightweight and durable polycarbonate material.
  • Must fit and match your existing eyewear shape.
  • Must be made with non-corrosive hypoallergenic material.
  • Fog free and scratch free to maintain peripheral vision clarity.
  • 100% shock proof and durable for better performance.
  • The Polarized lens coating should give user total protection from heavy glare and other highly reflectorized surfaces and objects.
  • 100% blocks UVA and UVB ultraviolet light rays.
  • Must exhibit superior Photochromic ability in adapting to varied lighting events.
  • The clamp must not obstruct nor hamper the user’s vantage of vision. 

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