Shield Sunglasses

Shield Sunglasses
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Shield Sunglasses feature a frontier or a single wraparound lens in front of the eyewear. These uni lens sunglasses have an extra front lens acting as a shield for that maximum all-around protection. Shieldlens Sunglasses are perfect and ideal for that fun-filled beach adventure rendezvous.

Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Linda Farrow are just few of the celebrities who has that indulgence in wearing Single Lens Sunglasses. Below are a few distinct features of an ideal Shield Sunglasses:


· Wrap around lens shield design for maximum sun protection.

· Unique design patterns and colors perfect for that unique fashion expression.

· Mirrored tints for better contrast and glare reduction.

· Anti-reflective coating to comfort and avoid eye strain due to the intense light passing unto the lens.

· Working Photochromic lens effect to comfort the eyes from light changing conditions.

· Enhanced with 100% UVA and UVB blocking feature to resist the bad effect of ultraviolet rays light.

· Durable with flexible and strong hinges for better eyewear retention.

· Wide temples and continuous frame for added extra balanced face hug of the eyewear.



Selecting the right sunglasses may be challenging as the need is approaching. Normally, you ask "which ones work best for my eyes", or "which ones compliment my look"? It is important to study all options when you are shopping for new sunglasses. Getting them right is as significant as when you are getting your prescription glasses. The right sunglasses can greatly impact the quality of your vision.